St. Paul's Lutheran School

Leader: Annette Creest, Principal

St. Paul's Lutheran School, located at 510 3rd Avenue, SE in Cullman, Alabama, is a ministry of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. The school opened its doors in 1954. Since that time, it has continuously provided a Christian education for members of the church and others throughout north Alabama.  We offer a PreK 3 class three days a week, a PreK 3  five days a week, a PreK 4 class three days a week, and a PreK 4 class five days a week.  All four of these programs are full-day programs.  Kindergarten for 5 year olds is a full-day program. Regular grades are 1st through 6th.  

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  • Reflections on St. Louis

    Recently, our youth group traveled to St. Louis to see the sights and visit Concordia Seminary. Pastor Bussman arranged great and infromative lectures from Dr. Herrmann, Dr. Biermann, and Dr. Saleska. Our kids had a great experience and wanted to share those experiences with the congregation.We greatly appreciate Randy Frost driving us on our trip. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

    Emily Trahan

    Youth Director

    Saturday was the ride to St. Louis. I liked getting to know more about my friends, talking to them, and calling John Mark dad. Sunday the cards game - we ate Mexican food and went to church, we took communion there. Monday we went to the zoo and got to see my favorite animal, a rhino, it was really cool. We ate at Duffys  and I got ribs. Tuesday at the seminary, we got to meet Dr. Herrmann and we went on a tour. We got the history of the seminary. Wednesday at Budweiser, I got to see the Clydesdale's. We called John Mark dad because acted like a dad and looked like a dad with his bucket hat. Dr Herman was a history professor, he took us on a tour of the history in the church. We got to see some old books and he was really nice. Dr. Biermann teaches systematic theology, he told us what Rajiv detre it means reason for being. Dr Saleska was a pastor for 15 years in Cincinnati and works at the seminary now. I would like to thank the congregation for allowing us to go on this trip with no out of pocket money. And for generously donating money so that this was even possible. - Evan Hogeland

    My overall experience in Saint Louis was really good. Saturday, we drove up to Saint Louis and we stopped at Freddy's steak burgers and ate there. Then we were back on the bus and bound for Saint Louis. Sunday we went to church in Hamel and we were able to attend Pastor Whedon's bible class and the service was just like ours at Saint Paul's. After the service, I was able to see my grandmother that I haven't seen in a long while so that was very nice and I was also able to see my aunt. After being able to see my grandma, we went to get ready to see the cardinal game at Busch stadium. The best part of the baseball game was the food and drinks in the party box. The best part of the game was the seventh inning because the Cardinals caught up with the Reds, but unfortunately the Cardinals didn't win the game. Monday, we went to the zoo and we were able to see the penguins first and then the polar bear. At 10 o'clock we were able to see the sea lion show with Robbie the sea lion. My favorite animal at the zoo was Robbie. After the zoo, we went to the seminary and Pastor Bussman gave us a tour of the seminary with Mr. Lackey. Tuesday, we went to the seminary and had another tour but with Dr. Herrmann. He showed us all the history in the seminary and then went to eat at Carl's sandwich shop. Wednesday, we went back to the seminary and had a lecture with Dr. Biermann about our raison D'e^ tre which means reason for being. After that we went to the Budweiser brewery and were able to see the Clydesdales and took a picture with Lloyd the Clydesdale and we learned how the beer was made. After that we went to the Arch and we went on a river boat ride at six o'clock. Thursday, we went to the seminary and had a lecture with Dr. Saleska about the Psalms and the Old Testament. After that we were on the road heading home and we stopped for lunch at Lambert's cafe where they throw the rolls to you. But overall this trip was great and I learned more about the Lutheran faith. So thank you all for the people that donated. - Jeremiah Dake 

    I really liked the church we went to at St. Paul's in Hamel and I really liked Pastor Whedon. I enjoyed the Cards game especially the food we had and I had 6 Shirley temples and they were delicious. Also, we got to sit in the box right behind the plate. My second favorite thing was the zoo because I got to see animals I don't see a lot and it really helped me get to learn about all the different animals and Robbie the sea lion. We went to the seminary and took a tour with Jonathon Lackey and Pastor Bussman. He showed us where he stayed and all the stuff that he did for fun. Then my other second favorite part was when we went to the seminary and learned a little bit about Martin Luther with Dr. Herrmann. He also he took us on a tour and we got to see books from the ancient times I also got to read a little bit of Latin with him. Then Dr. Biermann gave us a lecture on the different types of theology primarily systematic. Then he told us what raison D 'e^ tre means. It means reason for being and taught us what our reason for being on this earth is for, to protect and serve God's creation. Also, we went to the Budweiser museum and got some cool souvenirs then we went to the Arch and took a river boat cruise and learned a lot of stuff about the Mississippi River. Then we went to the seminary and Dr. Saleska gave us a lecture on exegetical theology and we learned how to read and connect with the psalms and understand them. We went across new Madrid fault on the way home. Thank you guys so much for the donations and all your support of our fundraisers. We had a lot of fun. We love you all and greatly appreciate it thanks for helping. - Minor Lamar 

    The trip was very fun, even though there were a few bumps along the way, I enjoyed being able to spend time with everyone for much longer than I would usually get to. Dr. Biermann's lecture was very informative and the tour of the seminary was great. That was my first time going into a bell tower, let alone one at Concordia. The chapel service was very beautiful. Outside of the seminary, I enjoyed going to the zoo. On the second day we went, the worker at the penguins got the one I was watching to come closer to me which was super cool. I also bought the best opossum ever and had the most delicious cheese enchiladas. I'd like to thank all of those who supported and donated to our youth group, if it weren't for everyone we would not have been able to take this amazing trip. - Alyx Osmer Bibb 

    On my trip to St.Louis , I learned from Pastor Bussman about seminary life and what it was like to live on campus. I also learned about the seminary's collection of rare books from Dr. Herrmann. I also enjoyed learning about the brewing process from the Budweiser tour we took. I also enjoyed seeing the Arch and going on a riverboat cruise around it. From Dr.Biermann, I learned about my vocation and reason for being. I also enjoyed seeing the zoo and the animals it had to offer. I am greatly thankful for the congregation and their support of our youth program. Without it we wouldn't be able to rent our own box for the Cardinals' game. I greatly cherish and am thankful for their generosity. - John Mark Johnson 

    I had a great time in St. Louis. Sunday we met Pastor Wheedon and went to his awesome church. After that, we went to the Cardinals game and had a private box which was amazing. Monday, we went to the zoo in the morning and saw a bunch of animals and in the evening we went to the seminary and had a tour with Jonathan Lackey and Pastor  Bussman. Tuesday, we went to the seminary and had a lecture with Dr. Herman and I enjoyed hearing about when he went to Poland to work on the Luther movie and then we went to the zoo again to finish seeing the rest of the animals. Wednesday, we went to the seminary and had a lecture with Dr. Biermann, after that we went to the brewery and saw the Clydesdales. Thursday, we had a lecture with Dr. Saleska and we ate lunch at Lamberts in Missouri. I had an awesome time on our trip and thank you for supporting us throughout our fundraisers. - Joseph Conn